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Two startups.
One World Champion title.
And a burnout.

Welcome to my life!

Having co-founded and managed two companies and having coached and consulted dozens of founders in the past 10 years, I truly know what it's like to be under pressure. To feel responsibility. To work too much. And to sometimes see too little results.

Having accompanied a dozen startups along their journey of growing and building new, winning structures and processes as well as having helped their founders to become real leaders, I have deeply familiarised myself with the dynamics of change in young, fast growing companies.

Having built and led an NGO with 120+ volunteers, catering tens of thousands souls in need across the globe and earning me the title of Social Business World Champion, I truly understood what's needed to build a highly effective, driven team - without the use of a single cent as an incentive.

And having suffered a burnout and 2 years of recovery time along the way, I have completely rebuild my way of looking at life and navigating through it.


All these experiences of too much too early. All my presumptions (and at times certainly also discoveries) of so much meaning in all my wonderful endeavours. All the rollercoasters I've ridden. And my 10+ years exploring the vast realm of spirituality. All this gifted with me a truly multidimensional view on life.

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A short selection of corporates, foundations and startups I have been involved with as a coach, consultant and trainer. 

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